Manage your CE online

CMEPEDIA offers you a broad range of subjects to choose from. These are given in our webshop.

We encourage content providers to charge fairly for the modules or distribute them for free. Please look at our pricing considerations to inform you of our pricing policy.

You can add modules to your wishlist and set up your sponsor preferences. You can manage sponsored modules by studying these modules yourself. In case you are already familiar with the particular content, you can forward the module to a colleague or even to a random CMEPEDIA user so that it can be used.

You can use CMEPEDIA in two different ways:

Features Basic Subscription Premium Subscription
Pay for a module
Complete it
Email your certificate
Print off your certificate  (See sample)
Receive personalized alerts
Built up your portfolio  (See sample)
Get reminder of your re-registration date
Paperless re-registration
Skill development by Institute/Employer
Cost Free 999 INR per year

Paperless re-registration

CMEPEDIA seeks collaboration with professional bodies. If you permit your professional body a month of access to your portfolio, your re-registration procedure will be paperless.

You can also grant your employer or institute a month of access to your portfolio so that they can track your progress in keeping your professional skills up-to-date.

Your employer or institute can book a course for you

You can forward your sponsored course

Mode of delivery

You will be able to study your chosen modules immediately after registration, both as a basic user and as a premium subscriber,

Method of payment

Payment will be via our payment gateway.

Withdrawal of contract

The withdrawal right is limited to a premium subscription with CMEPEDIA, and it is not possible to withdraw the purchase of its modules.

If you wish to withdraw your premium subscription with CMEPEDIA, you can use the CMEPEDIA withdrawal form.

Standard form for withdrawal

Caution! Only premium users are eligible for revoking their agreement.

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3956 KC Leersum
The Netherlands

I hereby inform you that I wish to revoke our agreement on the performance of the following service : premium subscription