CMEPEDIA encourages doctors to publish their case reports and articles, and in the process, also adding to their CME credits. The CMEPEDIA team can provide step-by-step assistance to doctors who wish to publish articles in international journals or present posters or case reports at conferences by providing the following services:
- Processing of data by biostatistician
- Ghost writing/editing service
- Poster preparation for conferences

Inputs required from authors

- The draft paper/poster should be ready and in the ‘introduction, methods, results and discussion’ (IMRAD) format.
- References are the responsibility of the author.
- The authors should identify the target journal/section/conference to which the paper is to be sent, though the editor may suggest changes in consultation with the authors.
- The design, power and other biostatistical considerations must be done in conjunction with a biostatistician before the study is undertaken to ensure that the results obtained would be valid. CMEPEDIA can provide the services of a biostatistician on request.

Services provided by CMEPEDIA

- Scrutinizing the paper for scientific content and value.
- Making recommendations for improvement
- Verification of the suitability of the poster for the target journal/section/conference identified by the author/s.

- Editing for completeness and clarity, correcting the language, grammar and spellings (British/American, depending on the target journal)
- Raising queries where the meaning is not clear, or where additional information is needed
- Ensuring that the paper is in the IMRAD format, and meets international conventions and standards in writing.
- Formatting references and text according to the target journal’s requirements
- Go through the tables and figures and select/modify or suggest those most relevant to the paper.
- Assist the author/s to write the covering letter to the journal.

All charges are excluding service tax. The commercials mentioned are indicative; each project will be assessed individually and a final quote provided. The content of the article will remain the sole responsibility of the author. CMEPEDIA will not be held responsible for the rejection of a poster or article on the content submitted.

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