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Refund Policy

Can I receive a refund for CMEmodules after purchase ?

The right to withdrawal is limited to a premium subscription with CMEPEDIA. It is not possible to withdraw the purchase of its modules.

Standard form for withdrawal

Caution! Only premium users are eligible for revoking their agreement.

Scherpenzeelseweg 39
3956 KC Leersum
The Netherlands

I hereby inform you that I wish to revoke our agreement on the performance of the following service : premium subscription


Dutch Postal Address:


Scherpenzeelseweg 39, 3956 KC Leersum

The Netherlands

Indian Postal Address:


Purva Venezia F block 1405 , Yelahanka,

Bengaluru 560064 , Karnataka , India .


Customer Service and Support :

CMEPEDIA (Technical department)

Purva Venezia F block 1405 , Yelahanka,

Bengaluru 560064 , Karnataka, India

Note :

Technical support is for registered customers only.

Initially, technical support is available only during Indian office hours (10:30 to 20:00 [UTC +5:30]), as the trial run of CMEPEDIA is being conducted only in India.

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