Content provider

  • Distribute your accredited CME modules
  • In developing countries
  • To healthcare professionals
  • To students
  • Free or at a fair rate
  • Via our database
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Healthcare professional & student

  • Study accredited CME modules
  • Free or at an affordable rate
  • Online
  • Save time
  • Built up your CME portfolio
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Employer / Institution

  • Keep the skills of your employees & students up to date
  • Keep track of their progress
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Professional body

  • Allow your members access to internationally accredited CME modules
  • Update your equivalence framework online
  • One month access to CME portfolio of your members
  • Paperless reLicensing of your members
  • Built up a fund for your CME development
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  • Sponsor specifically or randomly to health care students or professionals
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  • Independent accredited CME modules
  • Save your credits in your portfolio
  • Paperless re-licensing with your professional body