Track the progress of online CME for your members

CMEPEDIA hosts professional bodies who are keen to contribute with their experience of accreditation, as well as professional bodies who are keen to endorse accreditation. A professional body can chose to contribute as well as endorse accreditation via our website.

Contributing professional body

How can you contribute to online endorsements ?

Receiving professional body

You can allow your members to study internationally accredited CME modules. CMEPEDIA offers you assistance with your equivalency frameworks in four steps, so that you can easily assimilate international accreditation into your national or state system.

How can you endorse a fellow professional body online ?

You will be able to send out request for portfolio access.

You will have access to an overview of our premium subscribers and their re-registration term. You will be able to send out requests to them to give you a 1-day access to their portfolio. Their portfolio will be only one click away for you.

CMEPEDIA will send out reminders to its premium subscribers when their re-registration date is approaching.

You can verify the CME activities of your members online

Our premium subscribers will build up an online portfolio. This process will continue throughout their careers, with their portfolio growing commensurate with their education and qualifications. They can grant you permission for a 1-day access at the time of their re-registration. You can then verify their completed CMEPEDIA modules as well as their third party activities.


CMEPEDIA certificates in a PDF-A format

Medical professionals will obtain a CMEPEDIA certificate on successful completion of a module.

Our certificates are issued in a PDF-A format.  Their originality can thus be verified.


Every user contributes INR 10 (EUR 0.15, USD 0.15) towards a CME developmental fund with the purchase of every chargeable module. CMEPEDIA will coach developing countries to produce their own accredited CME modules.

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