Consideration for Pricing

Presently, CMEPEDIA is seeking to distribute only online CME modules in India in the form of an internet enduring material activity

However, it is the ambition of CMEPEDIA to become the generic distributor of on-line CME material for the developing world.

CMEPEDIA want to unlock the potential for re-distribution of CME modules for CME providers by offering them a transparent platform to do so on a global scale, without having local distribution offices in every single country. In India, the potential for scalability is huge, as there are a large number of medical professionals.

Health Care Work Force in India

Allopathic doctors 10,12,428, i.e. approx. 1.0 million (31.12.2016)
Dental practitioners 93,332 (2012)
Registered Nurses and Midwives 1,673,338 (31.12.2013)
Auxiliary nurses midwives 756,937 (31.12.2014)
Pharmacists 559,408 (2003)
Ancillary health care workers 351,178 (2001)
Ayurveda/Homeo/Unani doctors 187,041 (2001)
ASHAS (Accredited Social Health Activists) 790,000 (2014)
* A sum of the above verifiable numbers, provides the rough estimate of 5,347,722 health care workers in India at the end of 2014.

* Annually 51,800 doctors, 24,000 specialists and 279,000 nurses graduate. Their number of health care workers increases yearly with more than 355,000 in India.

Global Health Workforce Statistics database, World Health Organization, Geneva. (http://www.who.int/hrh/statistics/hwfstats/)

Average Spend For CME

A CME Event of 2-3 days which is accredited at 4-6 credits is available for doctors in India at Rs 3000 to 5000 thousand (approximately 50-80$). This is generally much lower than the registration fee in more developed countries. Medical professionals need to pay these courses out of pocket as there are yet no provisions for tax or employment benefits. Therefore, you are requested to keep affordability in mind. You are advised to sell by module, not by subscription.

Accreditation And Transfer of Credits

Online CME accreditation is evolving in India. At the review of the available websites of state medical councils on 19.05.2015, four state medical councils accept international credits: Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab.

In February 2015, we submitted the concept of CMEPEDIA to the public consultation of the draft Health Policy. At this point in time, we are reaching out on a preliminary basis to the Indian Medical Association and several state medical councils. We can assist state medical councils in their development of an equivalency framework to accept foreign CME accreditation seamlessly.

CME content providers are advised to use our calculation aid to assess a fair price for their modules.

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