Track your sales

If you are a content provider of internationally accredited CME modules, you are invited to add your courses to our database.

This will allow you to:

  • - track your sales
  • - analyse your customers
  • - spot gaps in CME provision
  • - add courses
  • - add your accreditations
  • - track your endorsements
  • - follow your accountancy

You can distribute modules free of cost or charge for them, as the effort of authorship deserves remuneration. You are requested to keep affordability in mind for professionals forced to pay out-of-pocket. You are advised to sell by module, not by subscription. Our considerations for pricing are available to guide you.

CMEPEDIA aims to safeguard the copyright of the modules you add to our database. We suggest you use the Creative Common Licensing System (https://creativecommons.org) to chose the type of license for your content. Alternatively, you can upload your copyright policy. CMEPEDIA will verify whether or not it can be used as a basis for our collaboration.

You will be asked to complete a declaration of interests at the time of submission of your modules. CMEPEDIA uses three grades to demonstrate the levels of interest involved in the production of your modules. As of now, CMEPEDIA has been launched in India only. We will maintain a variable pricing policy for different countries. CMEPEDIA users will be directed towards the web shop of their country of residence as well as the country of residence of their professional body.

How do I add my accreditations to CMEPEDIA?

We offer a seamless procedure for new accrediting bodies to accept your former accreditations. We will notify you as soon as your accreditation is approved. Your area of distribution will thus expand effortlessly.

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