Dr. Ajay Kumar

Customer number: MHP-IND-123456789012
Registered body: KMC
Term Registration: 04.01.2016 to 03.01.2021
Target CME criteria: 30 KMC
Status: Not complete


Title Course Content Provider Validity Accreditation Read More Buy
ECG: understanding the normal ECG trace XX Medical Journal 15.10.2017
Infectious Mononucleosis RC XX 20.12.2017
Advanced Communication Skills: 2 XX University 07.06.2017

Courses in Progress

Title Content Provider Validity Accreditation Status Status Learn
Advanced Communications Skills 1 XX University 07.06.2017 In progress
The Mental Health Act: 2007 Amendment RC xx 15.10.2017 New

Your courses verified by CMEPEDIA

Date Category Description Credit Endorsed Status Rate Certificate
16.03.2016 Online CME Orthopaedics The management of hip fractures 1 ACCME 0.25 KMC
CME credit
17.03.2016 Online CME General Practice Sedentary behaviour and diet: a systematic review 1 AMA category
1 credit
NO completed
Overview 1 ACCME
1 AMA category
1 credit
0.25 KMC

Your THIRD PARTY CME activities

Date Name Activity Name Provider Nr Credit Name Credit Certificate
23.05.2015 Quality and Accreditation ISOS 0.5 KMC CME
25.09.2015 Mind Body Culture WPA 15 WPA Educational Credits
16.10.2015 5th International Patient Safety Congress Apollo hospitals 2 KMC CME
Overview 2.5
WPA educational credits
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